wishli.st (May 2007) Collect contributions towards expensive gifts, first conceived in 2005.

Cow Tipping (Jan 2008) Facebook game, 20k users, 1.1m cows tipped.

LovelyCompanies.com (Feb 2008) Blog about corporate social responsibility.

iTMS.me (Oct 2009) Url shortener for iTunes.

Raisin (Jun 2010) Gift recommendation engine powered by the reasons people like things.

Rat (Aug 2010) PHP/MySQL boilerplate web app.

ScribeSub (Dec 2010) Publishing platform where each article costs $1.

TripMap (Apr 2011) Mobile web app for making maps of trips.

@HapBot (Jul 2011) Opt-in Twitter bot to encourage engagement on Happiest.

Tuzo Giveaways (Sep 2011) Giveaways for brands on Facebook.

PleaseBuildThis.com (Nov 2011) Share and vote on app ideas.

Tuzo Reminders (Apr 2013) Social media reminders.

DroneWorld (Oct 2013) Drone content, e-commerce and R&D.

Spellify (Feb 2015) Fix spelling mistakes on any web page.

UpMarket (Oct 2016) B2B sales for CPG brands.